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The first of the Authentics line were one of the first series made by Safari Ltd. in (before?) 1990. They were first sold either loose or as sets in clear, acrylic boxes, and later in different packaging.

The first sets were Dinosaurs(I), Jungle and Sealife. These sets were also made as erasers. Shortly after(before 1993) more wild mammals and dinosaurs were launched, and finally the farm animals and two sets of insects.

Over time the paint work, and to some degree the moulds changed more or less for several of the models.

1) Models were also sold as Carnegie MINI DINOS in sets of three during 2006.

2) These were sold by Schleich in 1993, still marked Safari Ltd. The Jungle set without the Polar bear and Panda.

3) Replaced 610004 ( Minus Polar Bear and Panda ) around 1994.