Yowies Series Lost Kingdom Series C

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<gallery mode="packed-hover"> File:YowieEmuary.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 3 Emuary File:YowieWakaleo.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 4 Wakaleo File:YowieBizarrodonta1.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 5 Bizarrodonta File:YowieBurrowingBat.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 6 Burrowing Bat File:YowieEurozygoma.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 13 Euryzygoma File:YowiePachyornis.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 15 Heavy-footed Moa File:YowiePlateosaurus.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 21 Plateosaurus File:YowieKentrosaurus.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 23 Kentrosaurus File:YowieAmargasaurus1.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 24 Amargasaurus File:YowieBaryonyx.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 25 Baryonyx File:YowieLambeosaurus1.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 26 Lambeosaurus File:YowieChasmosaurus2.jpg|Yowies Lost Kingdom 29 Chasmosaurus File:YowieEdmontonia1.jpg |Yowies Lost Kingdom 30 Edmontonia


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