Yowies Lost Kingdom 15 Heavy-footed Moa

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Animal Pachyornis The text of the paper insert for this figure reads:

"Scientific Name: Pachyornis elephantopus Pronounced: pack-ee-or-nis elephant-o-pus
Type of Animal: Bird Period: Late Pleistocene (1 million-10,000 years ago)

The Heavy-footed Moa was shorter than the famous Giant Moa, although it was still a big bird, standing about 1.5 metres in height. It was much more strongly built than its taller cousin, with a heavy body and huge, powerful legs and feet. In fact its scientific name [i]elephantopus[/i] means 'elephant foot'. It lived in the forests of New Zealand where it probably fed on fruits and leaves."

Maker Yowies
Series Yowies Series Lost Kingdom Series C
Color brown
Product Number 15
Availability discontinued
Released 2002