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My name is Tim and I go by the screen name Tiermann. I played with toy animals from my earliest childhood, and as an adult I have collected them, and then made websites about them. I am the creator of about my Playmobil animal collection, and the Schleich sub-domain at Animobil for my Schleich animal collection. I also keep the Animoblog there that I don't update nearly often enough. Animobil is also the first home for this Toy Animal Collecting Wiki. My first website was also about my toy animal collection, but that one focused on US companies. It was an old Geocities site that there's still a picture of at Oocities located Here. Looking at it now, it's clearly the same concept as this Wiki, just a little before it's time and the easy to use software that's available now.

When I'm not spending too much time in front of the computer I am the manager of a chocolate store, a visual artist and photographer, a square dancer and a square dance caller. Other interests I enjoy are gardening, collecting fruit and vegetable crate labels, and building and photographing Playmobil dioramas.