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Many of the traits today seen as unique to mammals had their origin within early therapsids, including an erect posture. They replaced the pelycosaurs as the dominant large land animals in the Middle Permian and were replaced, in turn, by the archosauromorphs in the Triassic. The therapsids included the cynodonts, the group that gave rise to mammals in the Late Triassic around 225 million years ago.

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Cynognathus 1.jpgCynognathus Dinogorgon-thum.jpgDinogorgon Dicynodon 1.jpgDicynodon Endothiodon 1.jpgEndothiodon
Inostrancevia 1.jpgInostrancevia CollectA 88894 Lisowisia Bojani 3.jpgLisowisia Lystrosaurus 1.jpgLystrosaurus Moschops 1.jpgMoschops
Procynosuchus 1.jpgProcynosuchus Trochosaurus 1.jpgTrochosaurus Placerias 1.jpgPlacerias