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Sea turtles or marine turtles are turtles that inhabit all of the world's oceans except the Arctic. Most species of sea turtle are endangered.

The species are primarily distinguished by their anatomy: for instance, the prefrontal scales on the head, the number of and shape of scutes on the carapace, and the type of inframarginal scutes on the plastron. Sea turtles constitute a single radiation that became distinct from all other turtles at least 110 million years ago.

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Archelon.jpg† Archelon Cratochelone.jpg†Cratochelone Flatback Sea Turtle.jpgFlatback sea turtle Black Sea Turtle.jpgGalapagos green turtle
Green Sea Turtle.jpgGreen sea turtle Hawksbill Sea Turtle.jpgHawksbill sea turtle Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle.jpgKemp's ridley sea turtle Leatherback Sea Turtle.jpgLeatherback sea turtle
Loggerhead sea turtle.jpgLoggerhead sea turtle Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.jpgOlive ridley sea turtle

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