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Rhinocerotoids diverged from other perissodactyls by the early Eocene. Fossils of Hyrachyus eximus found in North America date to this period. This small hornless ancestor resembled a tapir or small horse more than a rhino. Hyracodontidae, also known as 'running rhinos', showed adaptations for speed, and would have looked more like horses than modern rhinos. The smallest hyracodontids were dog-sized; the largest was Indricotherium, believed to be one of the largest land mammals that ever existed.

Rhinocerotidae is the Rhinoceros group, the last five extant species. Two of these species are native to Africa and three to Southern Asia. For more information, visit the Wikipedia entry.

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Rhinoceros noir.jpg Black rhinoceros Coelodonta.jpgCoelodonta Elasmotehrium1.jpgElasmotherium Indian rhinoceros .jpg Indian rhinoceros
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