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Currently available by subscription in at least the UK, Ireland, and Spain. Marketed as "Dinosaurs and Friends" in anglophone countries, and as "Mundo de los Dinosaurios" in hispanophone countries. The order in which issues are received differs slightly among countries; the Spanish numbering system is used here as the Spanish edition is typically published first. There are currently 80 issues in both the English and Spanish editions. The prehistoric shark father and son are a giveaway included with subscription and do not have an accompanying book.

Figures are mostly hollow, except for the smallest, and are marked only with the European safety code "CE," with no brand or species identification.

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<gallery mode="packed-hover"> File:PlanetaDeAgostini1TriceratopsTyrannosaurus.jpg |Triceratops with Tyrannosaurus baby File:PlanetaDeAgostini2BrontosaurusEgg.jpg |Brontosaurus with hatching egg File:PlanetaDeAgostini3Tyrannosaurus.jpg |Tyrannosaurus with Woolly mammoth baby File:PlanetaDeAgostini4WoollyMammothStegosaurus.jpg |Woolly Mammoth with Stegosaurus baby File:PlanetaDeAgostini5PterodactylTyrannosaurus.jpg|Pterodactyl with Tyrannosaurus File:PlanetaDeAgostini6AnkylosaurusHuman.jpg|Ankylosaurus with Prehistoric Man File:PlanetaDeAgostini7VelociraptorPterodactyl.jpg|Velociraptor with Baby Pterodactyl File:PlanetaDeAgostini8StegosaurusAnkylosaurus.jpg|Stegosaurus with Ankylosaurus Baby File:PlanetaDeAgostini13Carnotaurus.jpg|Carnotaurus with Palm Tree File:PlanetaDeAgostini14GiantSlothTriceratops.jpg|Giant Sloth with Triceratops Baby File:PlanetaDeAgostini15SmilodonCave.jpg|Smilodon Baby with Cave File:PlanetaDeAgostini16DilophosaurusGiantSloth.jpg|Dilophosaurus with Giant Sloth Baby File:PlanetaDeAgostini18PlesiosaurusVelociraptor.jpg|Plesiosaurus with Velociraptor Baby File:PlanetaDeAgostini20Diplodocus.jpg|Diplodocus File:PlanetaDeAgostini23CarnotaurusPlesiosaurus.jpg|Carnotaurus with Plesiosaurus Baby <gallery>