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There were a number of different wild animal series produced over the years, with some animals being reused in playsets of a different theme.

60mm Wild Animals

From the early 1950s Larger series from molds PL-166, PL-167, PL-168

Smaller series from mold PL-169, made in rubbery vinyl or hard plastic for early ark and wild animal sets, then in soft plastic for later playsets

Arctic Animals

Arctic series animals were 54mm and only produced in cream or grey from mold PL-911. Later reissues are in other colors.

Circus Animals

The circus playsets had animals made in two versions of the same mold, PL-408 and PL-408a, specifically done for the circus sets. Other wild animals and the monkeys were also included in those playsets. Earlier sets are in rubbery vinyl, later ones in soft plastic. The mold is referred to as 'thins' because of the relative flatness of the animals, Also included in the mold was a howdah for the walking elephant.


Hard plastic

From the Jungle Book Series

Disneyland Playset Animals

This series is the smallest, made in 35mm size. They are soft plastic in cream or grey.


Forest Animals

Marx produced a forest animals series that was sold in boxes, often with the Marx Birds series, or included in some playsets. It consisted of a large animal mold and a small animal mold. The stag was also produced by itself for inclusion in Robin Hood playsets.

Large Forest Animals Mold

From Marx mold number PL-770

Small Forest Animals Mold

This mold produced two each of most of the animals, but only a single each of the otter, raccoon, muskrat, and weasel.

Nursery Rhymes Series and Fairykins

The Nursery Rhyme series is pastel soft plastics, the Fairykins are in painted hard plastic.

Disney Television Playhouse

60mm soft plastic

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Individually Boxed Wild Animals

This is a series of individually boxed animals made of rubbery vinyl. They were made in Hong Kong. There were two series of boxes, one with the series name Wild Animals and the other with the series name Wild Kingdom. There are two versions of many of the animals as well.

There was also a cage set used with the series

Related to the Wild Kingdom series was a smaller series called Miniature Reptiles

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Jungle Animals

The jungle animals were made in a series of molds starting with PL-344. The earliest are in rubbery vinyl and came with the early circus sets. Later ones are all soft plastic.

Version one

The second version of the mold PL-344-1 removed the polar bears, buffalo, and camel and became only jungle animals. Added were:

For the later Daktari playsets the adult lion and the gorilla were removed and two character figures put in.

Large Hard Plastic Animals

This series was made with a jungle playset and also sold individually. They are large, about 90mm-100mm and made of hard plastic. They are made by gluing two pieces together leaving a hollow animal. Some of the poses mirror those in other sets such as the Ben Hur Playset, and Disneyland Playset.

Miniature Wild Animals

see Marx Miniature Playsets

Monkeys Set

Monkeys were in circus and jungle sets as well as the Pet Shop playset. They were made in rubbery vinyl or soft plastic, three sets at a time in Marx Mold PL-361

Safari Adventure Series

This series was made to go with the Marx action figures similar to the Best of the West line.



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