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Marx made a number of dog series over the years as well as a few cats and other house-pets.

Early Pets

The first pets series includes two dogs and two cats and was first produced in the early 1950s. These were made in the rubbery vinyl and hard plastic. Three sets of these were in Marx Mold PL-80

Pet Shop Dogs

From the Pet Shop playset in the early 1950s, pet shop trucks, and boxed sets. Made in rubbery vinyl and soft plastic.

Other Pet Shop Animals

These were made in red and tan hard plastic.

Monkeys were also in circus and jungle sets as well as the Pet Shop. They were made in rubbery vinyl or soft plastic, three sets at a time in Marx Mold PL-361

  • Kitten in rubbery vinyl or soft plastic from the dollhouse children mold

Circus Dogs

In 54mm rubbery vinyl or soft plastic

Farm Dogs

In 54mm soft plastic

Champion Dogs

This is a series of ten 54mm dogs in soft plastic that were produced using Marx mold number PL-593 starting in the mid 1950s. These dogs were in typical Marx tans, red-brown, grey and white. They have been recast in bright colors.

Blue Ribbon Dogs

This series was started in the late 1960s. They are made of hard plastic done at the Marx Hong Kong factory and painted with a glossy paint for a ceramic like look. It includes dogs from the Champion Dogs mold as well as a new mold of 14 dogs Marx number PL-1396. They were sold together in a box of 24 as Blue Ribbon Dogs, and also sold separately in individual boxes as "ceramic-like" dogs.

Marx Blue Ribbon Dogs.jpg

Miniature and Train Set Dogs

Playset and Character Figures

  • Dog Sitting with Collar in 60mm from PL-421 Ranch Kids mold, rare
  • Hound Running in soft plastic Fox Hunt mold PL-331
  • Hound Scenting in soft plastic Fox Hunt mold PL-331
  • Husky in Harness in 54mm soft plastic from Arctic Animals set, mold PL-911
  • Husky Sleeping in 54mm soft plastic from Arctic Animals set, mold PL-911
  • Lassie running pose in 54mm soft plastic, has been recast
  • Rin Tin Tin standing German Shepherd in 60mm soft plastic with Rin Tin Tin on belly
  • Bullet Standing standing German Shepherd in 54mm soft plastic with Bullet on belly, same pose as Rin Tin Tin
  • Bullet Seated seated with tongue out in 60mm soft plastic
  • Sandy Little Orphan Annie's dog
  • Daisy Dagwood and Blondie's dog
  • Astro from the Jetsons - hard plastic hollow, about 5 inches
  • Lady 60mm soft plastic
  • Tramp 60mm soft plastic
  • Pluto 35mm soft plastic from Disneyland Playset
  • Pluto 60mm soft plastic from Disney Television Playhouse Playset
  • Pluto 6 Inch soft plastic

Linemar Dogs

Linemar produced a series of painted metal animals made in Japan and sold in sets or individually.

Disneykins and Tinykins

Lady and the Tramp Series

101 Dalmatians Series

Nursery Rhymes Series and Fairykins

The Nursery Rhyme series is pastel soft plastics, the Fairykins are in painted hard plastic.


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