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There are two living families of lagomorphs: the Leporidae (hares and rabbits) and the Ochotonidae (pikas).Though these mammals can resemble rodents, they differ in that:
  • they have four incisors in the upper jaw (not two, as in the Rodentia)
  • they are almost strictly herbivorous (unlike rodents, many of which will eat both meat and vegetation)

However, they resemble rodents in that their teeth grow throughout their lives, thus necessitating constant chewing to keep them from growing too long.
For more information, visit the Wikipedia entry.

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Amami rabbit.jpg Amami rabbit Arctic hare.jpg Arctic hare Black-tailed jackrabbit.jpg Black-tailed jackrabbit Cottontail rabbit .JPGCottontail rabbit
European hare.jpg European hare European rabbit .png European rabbit Domestic rabbit.jpg Domestic rabbit Japanese hare.jpg Japanese hare
Mountain hare.jpg Mountain hare Ochotonidae.jpg Pika Snowshoe hare.JPGSnowshoe hare White-sided jackrabbit.jpgWhite-sided jackrabbit