Hausser Elastolin 70mm zoo animals

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Hausser Elastolin's 70 mm were made of hard plastic. The first hard plastic figures were made in the early 1960s and they probably lasted until 1983 when Hausser Elastolin went bust.

Zoo animal 70 mm series in 1972 catalogue:

Elastolin- Hausser Katalog1972053.jpgElastolin- Hausser Katalog1972054.jpg Elastolin- Hausser Katalog1972055.jpgElastolin- Hausser Katalog1972056.jpg

Number Name Photo
5707 Giraffe walking 800x
5708 Giraffe feeding 800x
5710 Lion walking 800x
5711 Lion attacking 800x
5713 Lion sitting 800x
5714 Lioness 800x
5716 Lion cub pair 800x
5717 Tiger lying 800x
5718 Tiger walking 800x
5719 Tiger attacking 800x
5720 Tiger cub pair 800x
5730 Brown bear walking 800x
5731 Brown bear standing up 800x
5733 Brown bear cub pair 800x
5740 Polar bear walking 800x
5741 Polar bear standing up 800x
5743 Polar bear cub pair 800x
5750 Wolf 800x
5754 Llama 800x
5755 Llama young 800x
5756 Zebra 800x
5757 Zebra foal 800x
5780 Dromedary camel 800x
5782 Dromedary camel calf 800x
5783 Bactrian camel 800x
5800 Bison running 800x
5801 Bison attacking 800x
5806 Moose 800x
5810 Kangaroo 800x
5840 Reindeer 800x
5874 Gazelle 800x
5900 Stag standing 800x
5901 Stag bellowing 800x
5905 Red deer hind 800x
5910 Red deer fawn 800x
5920 Roedeer buck 800x
5925 Roedeer doe 800x
5930 Roedeer fawn pair 800x
5940 Chamois 800x
5945 Ibex 800x
5970 Wild boar 800x
5978 Fox 800x
5995 Forester 800x