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This section is for links to collector sites. The name of the collector site will be given and a brief description of what you will find there. For instance that they collect animals by a particular company or have a blog on a particular topic.


  • The Dinosaur Toy Forum, the major discussion board for toy dinosaur and prehistoric animal collectors. Language: English
  • Laughing Giraffe Forum, has a forum section for discussing toy animal collecting. Language: English with a Dutch section mainly about Playmobil

Collector Links

In Czech

In Danish

  • Susannes dyr og dimser - the site of collector Susanne, showing a number of brands including Reisler. Language: Danish

In Dutch

In English

  • Animobil owned by Tiermann. List and extensive galleries of the animals produced by Playmobil. Also houses a blog and a related sub-site Schleich at Animobil that contains a check list and extensive galleries of the animals produced by Schleich. Both sites have galleries arranged in taxonomic order. Language: English
  • Bestiari Joan Milelire's custom animals site Language: English
  • Deseo's Dog Page Dogs from a broad range of makers and some customs Language: English and Finnish

In German

  • Tierwelten Comprehensive site about Schleich animals and other series. Language: German

In Spanish