Battat Dan LoRusso Collection

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These dinosaurs are sculpted by Dan LoRusso who also sculpted many from the original 1990s line.

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Item Number Name Introduced Discontinued
27559 or AN4000 Pachyrhinosaurus 2014
27560 or AN4001 Cryolophosaurus 2014
27561 or AN4002 Dacentrurus 2014
27562 or AN4003 Nanshiungosaurus 2014
AN4022 Tyrannosaurus rex 2015
AN4023 Ceratosaurus 2015
AN4027 Amargasaurus 2015
AN4029 Euoplocephalus 2015
AN4030 Acrocanthosaurus 2015
AN4034 Carnotaurus 2015
AN4035 Parasaurolophus 2015
AN4037 Stegosaurus 2015