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Usually, due to their style of figure production, AAA figures cannot be identified to a single series. Collectors tend to combat this by sorting figures into taxonomy-based categories, as shown here.

Miscellaneous Frogs, Toads, and Salamanders

AAA has produced several miscellaneous amphibians, including a range of a possible frog family that was available in two different scales.

Toad Family

The AAA Toad Family is distinctive from the company's other amphibians as it represents the only cohesive family grouping known (asides from the possible frog family listed above).

Tropical Frogs

Sold by several other companies, the AAA Tropical Frogs Set is also referred to as the AAA Poison Dart Frogs Set, due to most of its members being poison dart frogs. This set is known to be an actual grouping of figures that are sold together, unlike other AAA "sets" which can only be placed together through assumption and taxonomy.


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