Yowies Lost Kingdom 3 Emuary

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Animal Emuarius The text of the paper insert for this figure reads:

"Scientific Name: Emuarius gidju Pronounced: ee-mew-airy-us gidge-oo
Type of Animal: Bird Period: Early Miocene (23-20 million years ago)

The Emuary was a flightless bird that lived in the rainforests of northern Australia. Its name comes from the fact that it was in many ways like a cross between an Emu and a Cassowary. The Emuary probably had a similar diet to a modern Cassowary, feeding on the fruits of rainforest trees and bushes, as well as eating worms, insects and other small creatures it found on the forest floor."

Maker Yowies
Series Yowies Series Lost Kingdom Series C
Color brown
Product Number 3
Availability discontinued
Released 2002