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Crocodylomorpha is an important group of archosaurs that includes the crocodilians and their extinct relatives.

Pseudosuchia is one of two major divisions of Archosauria, including living crocodilians and all archosaurs more closely related to crocodilians than to birds. Pseudosuchians are also informally known as "crocodilian-line archosaurs".

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Arizonasaurus.jpgArizonasaurus Crocodilians.jpg Crocodilians Dakosaurus.JPGDakosaurus Desmatosuchus.JPGDesmatosuchus
Paratypothorax.jpgParatypothorax Metriorhynchus.jpgMetriorhynchus Kaprosuchus.jpgKaprosuchus Montealtosuchus.JPGMontealtosuchus
Ornithosuchus.jpg†Ornithosuchus Postosuchus.jpg†Postosuchus †Prestosuchus Protosuchus.jpgProtosuchus
Saltoposuchus.jpgSaltoposuchus Sarcosuchus.jpgSarcosuchus