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Brontotheriidae 1.jpg † Megacerops & allies An odd-toed ungulate is a mammal with hooves that feature an odd number of toes. The middle toe on each hoof is usually larger than its neighbours. Odd-toed ungulates are relatively large grazers and, unlike the ruminant even-toed ungulates (artiodactyls), they have relatively simple stomachs because they are hindgut fermenters, digesting plant cellulose in their intestines rather than in one or more stomachs. Odd-toed ungulates include the horse, tapirs, and rhinoceroses.

Although no unequivocal fossils are known prior to the early Eocene, the odd-toed ungulates probably arose in what is now Asia, during the Paleocene-Eocene boundary (55 million years ago).
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Chalicotherioidea 1.jpg † Chalicotheres
Equidae 1.jpgEquidae
Tapir 1.jpgTapirs
Rhinocerotoidea 1.jpg Rhinoceroses