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| width=800 colspan = 4| Leporids are over 60 species of rabbits and hares that form the family Leporidae. Together with the pikas, they constitute the mammalian order Lagomorpha. Leporids differ from pikas in having short, furry tails, and elongated ears and hind legs. The name leporid is simply an abbreviation of the family name Leporidae, meaning animals resembling lepus, Latin for hare.
<br />Leporids are native across the world except Antarctica, and in Oceania, where their introduction is a significant threat for the native mammals in Australia.
<br />For more information, visit the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leporidae Wikipedia entry].
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| width= 200 | [[File:Arctic hare.jpg|60px|link=Arctic hare]]  [[Arctic hare]]
| width= 200 | [[File:Japanese hare.jpg|60px|link=Japanese hare]]  [[Japanese hare]]
| width= 200 | [[File:European hare.jpg|60px|link= European hare]] [[European hare]]
| width= 200 | [[File:Mountain hare.jpg|60px|link=Mountain hare]]  [[Mountain hare]]
| [[File:European rabbit.jpg|60px|link=European rabbit]]  [[European rabbit]]
| [[File:Domestic rabbit.jpg|60px|link=Domestic rabbit]]  [[Domestic rabbit]]
| [[File:Amami rabbit.jpg|60px|link=Amami rabbit]]  [[Amami rabbit]]
| [[File:Cottontail rabbit.jpg|60px|link=Cottontail rabbit]]  [[Cottontail rabbit]]

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