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Official picture

Eofauna is a Spanish team formed by researchers, creatives and specialists principally focused on prehistoric fauna. Eofauna have developped several contents focused on vertebrate fossils to create first quality stuff, under the most scientific stringency and artistic pulchritude. In 2017, after a long consultation on collector's boards, Eofauna released their first pvc replica and plan to expand their range in the future.,

PVC replicas

Number Name Introduced Discontinued Scale
FIG-001 Steppe mammoth Mammuthus trogontherii 2017 1:40
FIG-002 Straight-tusked elephant Palaeoloxodon antiquus 2018 1:35
FIG-003 Giganotosaurus carolinii 2019 1:35
FIG-004 Atlasaurus imelakei 2019 1:40
FIG-005 Deinotherium giganteum 2019 1:35


Eofauna company website