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Charadriiformes is a diverse order of small to medium-large birds. It includes about 350 species and has members in all parts of the world. Most Charadriiformes live near water and eat invertebrates or other small animals; however, some are pelagic (sea birds), some occupy deserts and a few are found in thick forest.

For more information, visit the Wikipedia entry.

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797px-YowieAus2CombCrestedJacane 1.JPGComb-crested jacana Clubearth extinct greatauk 1.jpg† Great auk Kaiyodo 216A painted snipe male 1.jpgGreater painted-snipe
Black-headed Gull.JPGGulls YowieAus2LittleTern.JPGLittle tern YowiesAUS series3 maskedlapwing.JPG Masked lapwing
Atlantic Puffin.jpgPuffins Red Necked Avocet.JPG Red-necked avocet HKT9717BlSkuaFace.JPGSouth polar skua