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At least three main series of farm animals were produced by Marx, and other less often seen series and animals as well. various farm animals have been recast in later years in differently colored soft plastic.

Farm Animals Series One

The first series of playset animals Marx produced were in 60mm rubbery vinyl beginning around 1950. They were made in four different molds and a variety of colors including white, a light green, tan and brown.


Marx Mold PL-162 Large Farm Animals


also in this mold but not included in farm playsets were

these were sold individually and as part of Western series sets

Marx Mold PL-163 Medium Farm Animals


Marx Mold PL-164 Small Farm Animals


Marx Mold PL-165 Poultry Series 1


Around the mid-1950s a mold revision was done and the mold cavities rearranged. No new animals were added. Marx Mold PL-164-A

Farm Animals Series 2

This series was in the 54mm size and made in soft plastic.


Marx Mold PL-165-1 Revised Poultry Mold The rooster and chicken were replaced with new versions, the duck, ducklings and chicks were the same molds but now in the soft plastic.


Marx Mold PL-523 Series 2 Farm Animals


Marx Mold PL-878 Baby Animals Mold This mold contains the three babies from mold PL-523 plus three new poses


Marx Mold PL-688 Livestock Set The calf and standing and eating cows are the same shapes as in mold PL-523 but slightly smaller in size

Farm Animals Series 3

This series is in the 54mm soft plastic, most commonly brown. The animals are a little thinner looking and taller than series two ones.


Prize Livestock

This is a set of 10 54mm soft plastic farm animals representing specific breeds. They were only in the largest farm sets or in a set by themselves. Usual colors are cream, grey and tan.

Marx Prize Livestock.jpg

Western Cattle

From PL-150 Chubby Western Series 60mm vinyl

From PL-324 and PL-325 54mm soft plastic

From PL-460 Rodeo Animals 54mm soft plastic

From PL-1067 Steers - includes the ones from PL-460

From PL-1058


Also known as fence birds since they are designed to clip to the top of Marx fences.

35mm Farm Animals

This series was created for use with the Marxville train set farm. There is a similar series in the same size made for the Littletown farm set


Linemar Farm Animals

Small animals made of metal in Japan.

Nativity Set

The Nativity Set is usually in white hard plastic, with reissues having been done in light tan

Nursery Rhyme Series and Fairykins

The Nursery Rhyme series is pastel soft plastics, the Fairykins are in painted hard plastic.

Tin Farm Animals

There is a very old series of printed tin stand-up type animals that has been seen


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