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phylum Chordata Euoplocephalus is one of the largest genera of herbivorous ankylosaurian dinosaurs, living during the Late Cretaceous of Canada. Euoplocephalus was about five to six meters long and weighed over two tons. Its body was low-slung and very flat and wide, standing on four sturdy legs. Its head had a short drooping snout with a horny beak to bite off plants that were digested in the large gut. Like other ankylosaurids, Euoplocephalus was largely covered by bony armor plates, among them rows of large high-ridged oval scutes. The neck was protected by two bone rings. It could also actively defend itself against predators like Gorgosaurus using a heavy club-like tail end.

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clade Diapsida
order Ornithischia
family †Ankylosauridae
genus †Euoplocephalus
Temporal range Late Cretaceous