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This page is to set forth some general guidelines for entries and to provide a few helpful templates that can be copied into different page types. You can always look at the edit tab of a similar page and copy the contents over, then change the data.

General Structure

The Wiki consists of a few different types of pages. There are Category pages that automatically create and alphabetize themselves. The main ones will be Companies and Animals as well as categories for different countries. Content pages will mostly be either about a company, about a specific model - toy - figure, about the animal figures are based upon, or general collecting information.

Company Pages

Each manufacturer (like Papo or Elastolin) will have it's own main page. All information known about the company in general should be on that page. It should also contain either a list of animal figures that are/were created by the company, or links to pages that would contain a list of all animal figures. Big companies may need to be split into multiple smaller pages to hold the figure lists so the main page doesn't get too long. These pages may represent certain lines, periods or some other grouping natural for that particular company. [[# Initially the lists of figures will be just the list. All of those listed though should be created as a possible future figure page. See the #Figure Pages section for template examples for this.

If there are links associated with the company, either the companies own web page or that of collectors or fans specializing in that company, there should be a links section towards the bottom of the page. Use two = ahead of and after the section name to create a section heading, then list the links below that.

At the bottom of each company page there should be at least two categories listed. One for the Companies index page and one for the Nation index page. These are created by using the double brackets in front then the word Category: (include the colon) followed by the word Companies and closing double brackets. The same should be added for the nation the company is from. Just copy this content into the bottom of the page:


Remember to change the nation to the correct one.

Figure Pages

Every toy figure can have it's own page. The figure lists on company pages will have live links that lead to the empty space for the page, Just add some content and the page will be created. Content can include details about the toy and ideally a picture.

Every Figure Page MUST have a unique name if you name the page Kangaroo it will conflict with the animal page for kangaroo. The page naming should include some indication of what company made it, and any other basic info that will help tell it apart from pages about other models of the same animal. For example the page for the small kangaroo by the company Science & Nature starts with the animal followed by "small" since there is also a large version and then ends with S&N. Any figure page ending in S&N would be a figure made by Science & Nature. The recommended abbreviation should be listed in the Discussion tab for the company page.